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Test,because it keeps error 503 on me & I can't even load my friend pags,wth

Is bored
I've started to watch J-drama recently, together with crazily fangirl about Sherlock and his mad mad mad brain lol. I've done with Nodame Cantabile and now I wanna find some more dramas like that to watch, not so much detective thingy, not so much action or thriller, I've had enough with Sherlock & my brain is still in a mush now. I wanna watch comedy,nah not so much romance,I won't mind a bit detective sth but at least no romance OTL.

Lately I've been bored,with so much time at hand,a slow connection & nothing to do lol

Still reading fanfic though...

I miss my twitter friend, but to be honest, it'll take a very long while for me to wanna talk to that person again *sigh*

Still too many things I wanna do, still so much less time. Like why can't a day have 48hrs or sth lol

Sth is really wrong with LJ these days,sometimes I can't even log in,and sometimes the goat and the '503 error' appears. I can't even read my friendpage
Test posting!

Rant, the 14164641346715654328769th times!
I hate Monday, enough said!

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It's hard,work and study at the same time...
I used to think that just try hard and everything will be ok...
But I didn't realize that my will is not that strong...
Now I just wish I could have a day with enough 7 hours of sleep,no worry about school projects and no working...
But that's the path I chose so there's no turning back,the only way is keep on moving...

30 mins left before the cut off my internet, I was too busy to pay the money on time and they don't work during weekend so...I'll be pushed back to Stone Age this weekend....
No net, no twitter, no fic but I have 2 manga series are waiting for me, decided to reread Nana and Hanakimi :D


To my guardian Angel...sorry...

I hate doing interpretation assignment with the news from Japan and Lybia. It's heartbroken watching it once, but no, I have to watch it n times just to get exactly every word that the reporter said. Damn,my English is not bad, I could understand quite well and interpret it briefly but my old hag of a professor want EXACTLY EVERY WORD, WRITE IT DOWN AND TRANSLATE IT. Hello, the last time I check I registered to study INTERPRETATION 102 NOT TRANSLATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I cried a lot when I watched the news about the tsunami in Japan. Hell I got a special love toward this country and to be honest I cried each time I watch the news, so much that I stopped watching it fr my TV and use online news instead, but my teacher...I don't know, like apply salt into an open wound and it's really hard for me to restrain from crying just to finish my task....

Crying, yeah I cried, makes my head hurt and so tired :( I wish I could sleep but again I have heavy insomnia...what to do? I'd become a zombie in within a month...

And a report about how motivation inspired language learner. Damn,what kind of major did I choose at the beginning anyway? So many "academic" stuff, and I hate it. I don't even know what's my motivation to keep studying, yeah, mb just to get the higher diploma and stay away from the responsibility of growing up, go to work and support your family (like I can do the last one *huff*)

But one thing, like a Patronum among a bunch of Dementor (I'm a fan of Harry Potter, bear with it!) is the SUPER SHOW 3 this May and I'm going!  That's the motivation for me not to throw everything away...fighting! Fighting for the day I can see 10 gorgeous guys singing and dancing in front of me, fighting for the day finally I meet my ultimate Monkey Lee Hyukjae (he's...apparently not my love, he's Hae's, he's more like a silly chingu that I really wanna protect :D coz he's just too cute for his own good~♥)

I rant a lot these days, just so many pressure ><

Damn it's suck!
I've made a huge mistake with my level up post >< I asked the master of this site whether it's ok or not to delete the post (I didn't see it anywhere to delete it after all) but of course,no one  answer at this hour TT^TT

All thanks to a connection that decided to disconnect TWICE when I clicked post the entry. That site is a Chinese site rules and stuffs r just very strict and told ya I'm suck in Chinese, I'm learning it, but that doesn't mean I can't use it properly I can understand mostly but I don't want the master to think that I'm breaking the rule TT^TT

Usually with zeroboard,if you know what kind it is, just simply delete the post or comment, pretty easy, but the hell after disconnected I reposted again and my level up post is nowhere to be seen then how can I delete the duplicate post huh *hate forever* TT^TT

This is important to me, well, coz if I can level up there'll be some place in the site that I can go and it provides something very precious about Eunhae *cry forever*

I'm such a fail today, done nothing good *go to a corner and sulk*

Ajumma's rant
I didn't  into any accident, no tripping slipping tumbling anywhere then why my ankle,wrist and back hurt????

I know I'm clumsy but I have to remember if I hurt because of sth right? >.>

Maybe really I'm getting old...

This post supposed to be in my Daum blog, but net is a bitch these days, I just can afford what I can access...

My dear Daum blog, PLEASE REVIVE SOON, miss you...

A presentation on Thursday, a 2000 words assignment have to hand by the beginning of April, a bunch of paperwork to do because I'll START WORKING ON HYUKJAE B-DAY and it's my 1st official job 8 hours/days 5 days/week

Really I'm getting old...
But in my heart I'm still the Peter Pan who never wanna grow up...


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